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Meeting Ladyboys... Is Really That Easy?

cute-friendly-ladyboy There’s a question that so much people ask themselves, especially in countries far from Asia, when becoming interesting in transgeder girls. Is meeting ladyboys something easy? There are countries well known for their transgender women. Thailand, Philippines, Colombia or Brazil, just to mention some of them. Mainly in all South East Asia is to find beautiful and friendly ladyboys. Even in China could be easy to spot some of them So many people think that for meeting ladyboys, the best they could do is to move to Asia. And wander around Thailand or Philippines. But is not just that. If meeting a good girl or a good man is always hard to, finding ladyboys is even more complicated. Why do I think that? Here’s what I learnt from my experience living in South East Asia: • Meeting ladyboys at a club is always hard to. You can’t trust anyone you find when drinking until morning. Even some people go to Bangkok or other touristic areas in Asia and find hard to spot any difference between ladyboys and first-born women. • Going to a ladyboys bar would take you most of the times to red lights districts. And if you want a lover, probably that’s not the best way. • Ladyboys, we are not far different from any other girls. Actually, they are real girls and they always felt like that. So don’t expect a transgender woman to flirt easily with you.

Meeting ladyboys at the Internet, the new option

So, up to this point, what's the new option? Meeting ladyboys thanks to the Internet. Like in our home page, Ladyboy Dating, where you can meet beautiful ladyboys all over the world. Try to find some around your city. And if not, check the girls in countries like Philippines or Thailand. Probably that would make worth flying to South East Asia and meet amazing transgender women. Why Ladyboy Dating is different? Because we think about love. So we don’t allow nudity or sex related services. Because real love is forever, so start meeting ladyboys right now! The LBD Team http://www.tumblr.com/blog/ladyboydating